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National companies declare bankruptcy

Foto pra noticia 2017

More than 100 national suppliers have lost their contracts with oil companies in the past two years to foreign companies, said yesterday the director of the Centro de Apoio Empresaria (CAE) in Luanda.

Exclusive to Jornal de Angola, Job Vasconcelos apoited to the case of National companies that made large investments, becouse their serviçes were not hired, ended up closing doors at the beginning of the activities.

Most of the national companies, he said,  are placed in the lower plane as compared with the foreign ones, and, to make it worse, they do not give any information, they are not monitored and the projects to be implemented in Angola are not evaluated.

The director, claims, by hiring foreign companies, the country loses large amounts of foreign currency to the foreign market, when the nationals could bring more jobs, create more development in the Angolan economy and pay more taxes.

In order to change the situation, it is important to look more at  hiring angolan companies, since foreigners have been exceeding the nationals, while rejecting the national man-power by considering the local content as expensive , which is not truth. He said.

Job Vasconcelos believes that, at the beginning it can be a bit expensive, but if well supervised, costs will most likely decrease over the years, with more job opportunities. This will possibly reduce the need to export foreign currency to purchase goods and services abroad, he said.

The oil sector is open for national companies to develop human capital and to provide goods and services.

CAE has certified more than 300 companies in different categories, such as agriculture, cattle, catering, construction, logistics, waste management, health, safety, transport, consulting and other more specific in the sector.

Is important to create a sustainable environment for the national companies, so that they can grow and gain strength, however, those companies that lose contracts they mostly tend to dismiss employees which is not good for the country.  Said the director

According to him, the legislation for the development of national content in the oil sector is outdated because it is from 2003. Mr. Vasconcelos defends the conception of a specific law for the development of national content, including the introduction of Angolan companies in the sector with different categories.

“The legislation should be different from the current one, and specific in the services to be provided by national and foreign companies”.

There must be a privilege to what is made in Angola, “. Job Vasconcelos also defends that the legislation of the national content motivates the oil industries to accept and looking more at hiring angolan companies.

“therefore, to make this process work, it is necessary to define the services to be provided by angolan and foreign companies” he said,

The manager understands that technology is still a handicap factor in Angola and, with it, comes the specialized workforce for many activities. But that does not justify what’s happening in the last two years, he said.

The oil sector is the way to diversify the economy and to ensure the business investment, if the hiring of services from agriculture, cattle, tourism and much more are guaranteed.

“Even if a businessman has the money to invest, but does not have the guarantee of contracting to the detriment of foreign companies, he will not go anywhere,” he said.


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Foto pra noticia 2017

More than 100 national suppliers have lost their contracts with oil companies in the past two years to foreign companies, said yesterday the director of the Centro de Apoio Empresaria (CAE) in Luanda. Exclusive to Jornal de Angola, Job Vasconcelos apoited to the case of...

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