CAE Angola | CAE Promotes Petroleum Sector Providers Forum
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CAE Promotes Petroleum Sector Providers Forum

17 Oct 2014 CAE Promotes Petroleum Sector Providers Forum


CAE Promotes Petroleum Sector Providers Forum

The CAE – Centro de Apoio Empresarial, held on 17 October in HCTA, the first Petroleum Sector Suppliers Forum, which was attended by the Minister of Petroleum Botelho de Vasconcelos, Minister of Economy Abraão Gourgel, Secretary of State for Petroleum Aníbal da Silva, Secretary of State for Industry Kiala Gabriel, Executive Director for Industrial Development and Local Content Sonangol, Mateus Neto.

Other participants of the event, the representative of the US Chamber of Commerce. – Angola, Pedro Godinho, the representative of the Trades Department of Sonangol, Elysium Fernandes, national and international business

Under the motto “National Content on Prol of the Economic and Social Development of the Country” the Forum featured conference and exhibition, whose objective was to identify goods and services produced in the country that can serve for the oil sector, the promotion of national entrepreneurs through business opportunities and local partnerships.

New bids are an opportunity for Angolan companies to enter the oil sector as suppliers.

The revelation is the Minister of Petroleum, Botelho de Vasconcelos, according to which there is a strong need to have a national business community to follow up the changes arising from globalization and technological development so that the country count with competitive and that meet the goals set by the National Development Plan.

Botelho de Vasconcelos who was speaking at the opening of the forum said the local content is a priority in the executive’s agenda in order to adopt-effective policies for the inclusion and participation of national entrepreneurs in the development of the country.

“There is an urgent need to create more comprehensive legal mechanisms that include local content so that we have a strong entrepreneurial class and able to meet the challenges of the oil sector”, explained the Minister

Botelho de Vasconcelos said the companies, rather than providing services for small jobs, can take advantage of other opportunities that require greater complexity, provided that they are technical and financial capacity to act with excellence.

To Botelho de Vasconcelos, local content is a priority on the executive agenda and several meetings have been conducted for the adoption of effective policies aimed at inclusion and participation of the business sector in the country’s development projects. The Minister of Petroleum hopes that the forum will result in a strong business class and most profitable partnerships for domestic and foreign companies.

For its part, the Coordinator of the Center for Business Support – CAE, Job Vasconcelos, considered the forum as an institution strategy for opening spaces in the oil industry and create conditions so that more and more Angolan companies to enter the oil sector.

According to Job Vasconcelos, the CAE provides an array of their services divided into two parts: one linked to services with operators and the other attached to services with national suppliers. “The interaction of the CAE with domestic companies is closely linked to registration and certification, the entrepreneurs’ training, technical assistance, access to finance, support in securing partnerships, information on business opportunities and networking events” pointed out responsible.

There are more than 3,000.00 domestic companies registered in the CAE database, which supply goods and services to companies in the oil sector, jobs stations generating both direct and indirect to the national economy.

Currently the domestic content extends over the entire chain of value sector, where most companies perform basic activities. However there are already Angolan companies in the production, drilling and other more technical areas. It is read in a given from the Ministry of Petroleum.

Sonangol participate in the elaboration of the draft Law for the Local Content

Still on the path of national content, spoke also Mateus Neto, Executive Director for Industrial Development and Content of Sonangol, that pointed out three main objectives of the local content such as the insertion of the Angolan workforce technical and management functions, insertion of Angolan companies as suppliers of goods and services, and the use of goods and services produced in Angola in petroleum operations.

Mateus Neto also said it is in progress to prepare a preliminary draft law to the National Content in the oil sector, work is being coordinated by the Ministry of Petroleum with the participation of Sonangol.

In parallel to Petroleum Sector Suppliers Forum, which ended on Friday, 40 companies recorded by CAE presented their goods and services in the tent of Talatona Convention Hotel (HCTA). Exposed companies in the tent act in the field of trade, technology and information, commercial banking, oil and gas, import and export, geophysics, foodstuffs, telecommunications, construction and logistics.

The event, which brought together more than 280 entrepreneurs, were approached “The local content in the oil sector – policy, implementation and supervision”, “Challenges and business opportunities” and “Participation of companies in the sector oil “.

CAE rewards Angolan companies that excel in providing services to the oil sector

At the end of the event were awarded three Angolan companies that stood out in providing services to the oil industry.

The Company of the Year category was awarded the Opaia Group SA, likewise OTG (Organizations Tchoumini and Gourmini) was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year category and the Holistic company won the Social Responsibility category.