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CAE intermediates business

16 Apr 2014 CAE intermediates business


The CAE – Centro de Apoio Empresarial, recently intermediated meetings between the oil companies operating in Angola and Angolan companies providing goods and services to the oil sector.

In the meetings attended by the operators Total, Statoil, Repsol, Baker Hughes and Angoflex it was particularly debated the establishment of the partnership. Preceding the meeting separately with each of the individual presentations were held oil service offerings.

In a statement to the CAE, Carlos Silva Fernandes Technical Director of the Angolan World Expert Services Company (EWS) considered this action an important initiative as it will facilitate contact between companies to large operators.

“Here was easier to contact and thereby has earned itself a long time,” said Carlos Fernandes responsible for submitting the EWS services.

The EWS, a company of Angolan law founded in 2011, is dedicated especially to areas of autonomous photovoltaic energy, oil and construction and repair of solar power plants for lighting.

According to Carlos Fernandes, the need for more national companies in the oil market imposes itself in order to take advantage of this industry to enhance.

Hence the training of Angolan technicians at all levels is important to carry out actions with increasingly labor-national work, he said.

Already the General Manager of the Organizations Tchoumini and Gourmini Lda, (OTG) Hilaire Kepfe recognized the importance of the event sponsored by CAE, stressing that there is a lot approximation difficulties between national companies and oil operators, which hinders the process of negotiations between the parts.

With this meeting the knowledge of the potential of Angolan companies was creased in such a way that the oil branch of operators promised to come to do business with them “he said.

Dedicated to the construction of silos, industrial bodies and metal containers, the OTG is deployed in the market for three years and looking for works that help to grow.

For Manuel Carvalho, Administrator for Interserviços, Engineering, consulting services and consulting, the meeting served to exchange experiences with the large oil companies where domestic firms still appear deficit caused due to lack of know-how.

There are also bureaucratic issues that prevent the insertion of small Angolan companies in the world of oil, killing many of them undercapitalized, for not having opportunities of evolution. Also affirmed the also consultant, Manuel de Carvalho.